Primara Agritech

R & D

Genewin Research & Development wing performing R&D on the following fields :
  • Biofertilizers
  • Hydrophonics
  • Strain Improvement techniques
  • Strain Improvement techniques
  • Biofuels
  • Electricity from Biomass
  • Biochar in agriculture through field trials
  • Soil Analysis
  • Plant testing
  • Water Analysis
  • Fertilizer Analysis
  • Specific plant compound analysis
  • Identification of nutrient deficiencies in plants and soil
  • Determination of Nitrogen content of any sample
  • Estimation of Purity of any sample
  • Antioxidant studies of plants
  • Estimation of micronutrients in samples
  • Standardized the Tissue culture protocol for the plants Punica granatum, Hibiscus grandiflora, Melia dubia, Musa acuminata ‘Red Dacca’.

Report On Ovicidal Activity Of Patho-Rid

Research Works Done By Various Students Across The Globe For The Year 2015 In Genewin Biotech