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Tissue Culture Bambusa Balcooa Plants

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Balcooa King is a thornless, fastest growing variety. It is the tropical clumping bamboo often used as a food source, scaffolding and in paper, pulp industries. This variety consists of culms on an average of 12-22 m high with 6-15 cm diameter. Nodes are thickened. Leaves are narrow and are 15-30 cm long and 25-50 mm broad. This variety is used for making Agarbatti sticks; Construction. This is the most preferred species for making edible products. Bamboo helps in Carbon sequestration. Shoots of the Balcooa King is consumed as a vegetable and its leaves are used as a fodder.

Advantages of Tissue Culture :

  • True to the type - High market value - Healthy and disease free - High biomass yielding plant - Throughout the year plantation possible - Energy can be generated - Better survival - Field performance tested Habitat and Agronomy
  • Soil Type- Grows well in wide range of soils except very Sandy and heavy black soil with poor drainage Temperature- Optimum range - 15 - 35C; Upper and Lower limits - 10 - 40C
  • Variety- Ney Poovan or Kadali or Yelakki Time of Planting- Throughout the year; avoid plantation at very high and very low temperatures Spacing- 7 x 7 feet; 6 x 6 feet Days to Flowering- 12 - 14 months Harvesting- Fleshy bunch will be ready within 14-16 months Yield per plant and per acre- Average yield per plant - 15 to 18 Kg/plant; Minimum - 12 Kg; Maximum - 25 Kg Yield per acre - 14 to 16 tons


VARIETY Bambusa balcooa or Female Bamboo
BRAND NAME ‘Balcooa King’