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Tissue Culture Bambusa Brandisii Plants

Tissue Culture Bambusa Brandisii Plant 01 Tissue Culture Bambusa Brandisii Plant 02

Brandisii King is a thornless variety and the largest tropical clumping bamboo. It is very huge evergreen tufted with the culms of 19  33 m high and 13  20 cm in diameter. Culms are ashy gray to greenish gray in color. It consists of arrow shaped leaves with 20-30 cm long and 2.5  5 cm broad. Bamboo helps in Carbon sequestration. This is mainly used in Furniture making, Construction, Agarbatti industry. It is being widely recognized in farm implements and Handicrafts.

Details :

  • Advantages of Tissue Culture - True to the type - High market value - Healthy and disease free - High biomass yielding plant - Throughout the year plantation possible - Energy can be generated - Better survival - Field performance tested Habitat and Agronomy
  • Soil Type - It can thrive in different types of soils but prefers well drained loamy soil Climate/Temperature- Prefers wet evergreen tropical forests with an altitude of 1300 m;Prefers cold climate
  • Variety- Burma bamboo or Velvet leaf Bamboo or Sweet Dragon Bamboo Time of Planting- Onset of monsoon Spacing- 6 m x 6 m Days to Flowering- 45-50 years Harvesting- 8 years Yield per acre- 40 tons


Brand Name ‘Brandisii King’
Variety Dendrocalamus brandisii or Burma bamboo or Velvet leaf Bamboo or Sweet Dragon