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Tissue Culture Normal Nendran Banana Plants

Tissue Culture Normal Nendran Banana Plants

Normal Nendran King is the most common cultivar in Kerala. Fruits have a distinct neck with thick green skin turning to buff yellow on ripening. Fruits remain starchy upon ripening. Peel of the fruit is thick and leathery. This variety is important for processing. This plant has distinct ink oloration in pseudostem. Pulp of the fruit is fleshy, colored; fairly conspicuous, mild flavored, medium sweet. It is capable of producing 4-6 hands and 9-10 fingers consisting of 50-60 fruits per plant. Matured height of the Normal Nendran King is 3 m.

Advantages of Tissue Culture : 

  • True to the type - High market value - High yield and quality - Early Maturity - Free from all diseases at the time of supply - Throughout the year plantation possible - Uniform growth of fruits Habitat and Agronomy
  • Soil Type - Grows well in wide range of soils except very Sandy and heavy black soil with poor drainage Temperature: Optimum range - 15 - 35C; Upper and Lower limits - 10 - 40C
  • Variety - Musa paradisiaca or Normal Nendran Time of Planting: Throughout the year; avoid plantation at very high and very low temperatures Spacing - 7 x 7 feet Days to Flowering - 8 - 10 months Harvesting- Fleshy bunch will be ready within 2 - 3 months after flowering Yield per plant and per acre- Average yield per plant - 12 to 15 Kg/plant; Minimum - 10 Kg; Maximum - 15 Kg Yield per acre - 11 to 14 tons


Variety Musa paradisiaca
Brand Name ‘Normal Nendran King’