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Tissue Culture Pomegranate Plants

Tissue Culture Pomegranate Plants

Bhagwa Red King is the major cultivar of India which occupied first position in its production. Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh are the leading states in this variety cultivation. Bhagwa is the highly productive variety with large fruit size of distinct deep saffron color. Its arils are deep red color. It has 65 - 80% juice and 15 - 25% seeds; 20-30% peel forms. This variety is the good source of antioxidant.

Advantages of Tissue Culture : 

  • True to the type - High market value - Healthy and virus and nematode free at the time of supply - Authenticated variety - Bacterial blight is the major disease caused in the grafted and air layered plants whereas the tissue culture planting material are disease free Habitat and Agronomy
  • Soil Type - Almost all types of soils; Prefers fertile, alluvial soil with good drainage and organic matter above 20 % Climate/Temperature- Light loving plant; arid region having long hot and dry summer; also prefers sub-tropical to tropical
  • Variety- Bhagwa or Giant Red Time of Planting- Feb - March (Summer); June-July (Monsoon); Sep - Oct (Early Winter) Spacing- 5 x 4 m Days to Flowering- Flowering starts in 1 to 1.5 years but pruning should be done; allow flowering after 2 years Harvesting- Fruits mature after 4 -5 months of flowering; Yield per plant and per acre- Initially for 3 years, gives 20 - 50 fruits and increases to 150 - 200 fruits after 5 years


Brand Name ‘Bhagwa Red King’
Variety Punica granatum or Bhagwa or Giant Red