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Tissue Culture Red Banana Plants

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Red Dacca King is the most relished and highly prized variety prominent in Southern regions of Tamil Nadu. It is the tall variety, robust with deep red color fruits. Its fruits are large, spindle shaped, short pedicel, blunt tip. The peel of the fruit is thick, leathery. Pulp of the fruit is orange to yellow, juicy,sweet, moderate to distinct flavor. The skin is usually thin but the flesh is sweet. It is capable of producing 4-7 hands and 9-11 fingers consisting of 70-90 fruits per plant. Matured height of the Red Dacca King is 28 feet. The length of the fruit is 5-7--. Red Dacca King is an important source of Vitamin C and fibre; improves the haemoglobin level and Vision; prevents Kidney stones; cures ulcers. It is also known for the stress reliever which helps in controlling the heart rate.

Advantages of Tissue Culture :

  • True to the type - True to the type - High market value - High yield and quality - Early Maturity - Free from all diseases at the time of supply - Throughout the year plantation possible - Uniform growth of fruits Habitat and Agronomy
  • Soil Type - Grows well in wide range of soils except very Sandy and heavy black soil with poor drainage Temperature- Optimum range - 15 - 35C; Upper and Lower limits - 10 - 40C
  • Variety - Musa paradisiaca or Red Banana Time of Planting- Throughout the year; avoid plantation at very high and very low temperatures Spacing- 7 x 7 feet; 6 x 6 feet Days to Flowering- 12 - 14 months Harvesting- Fleshy bunch will be ready within 14-16 months Yield per plant and per acre- Average yield per plant - 20 to 25 Kg/plant; Minimum - 20 Kg; Maximum - 35 Kg Yield per acre - 18 to 22 ton


Variety Musa paradisiaca or Red Banana
Brand Name ‘Red Dacca King’