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Tissue Culture Stocksii Bamboo Plants

Tissue Culture Stocksii Bamboo Plant 01 Tissue Culture Stocksii Bamboo Plant 02

Stocksii King is a thornless, grazeful, mid-sized variety with loosely spaced solid erect culms ranging from 30 50 mm in diameter and provides good flexibility. Culms attain a height of about 9 m with the diameter of 25-58 mm. Nodes are thickened. Leaves are linear lanceolate and are 10-20 cm long and 1-2 cm broad. This variety is used for making Furniture; lathi poles,banana stakes. This is the best species for homestead and agroforestry system. Bamboo helps in Carbon sequestration. This is also used as the walking sticks, umbrella handles, roofing for huts.

Advantages of Tissue Culture :

  • True to the type - High market value - Healthy and disease free - High biomass yielding plant - Throughout the year plantation possible - Energy can be generated - Better survival - Field performance tested Habitat and Agronomy
  • Soil Type- Lateritic soil type; Black and Red soils Climate/Temperature- Tropical humid, semi-arid, Sub  tropical conditions are preferred
  • Variety- Dendrocalamus stocksii Time of Planting- Onset of monsoon Spacing- 4 m x 4 m; 5 m x 5 m Days to Flowering- Rarely noticed Harvesting- 4 years Yield per acre- 25-30 tons


Brand Name ‘Stocksii King’
Variety Dendrocalamus stocksii